Wearables Data Dashboards

As a UX/UI Designer and Web Developer at Human Condition Safety, I built data-driven dashboards that organized wearables data across workforces.

Our proprietary hardware was worn by industrial workers (construction, warehousing, etc.) and tracked their environment as well as their motions to detect unsafe situations. 

The data collected from workers across a workforce was used to create insights on how work sites could be come more safe. The data dashboards gave managers the tools they needed to assess their work sites and make decisions about how to improve their safety. 

As a designer, I worked alongside our Product team to identify the user stories we thought were most important to build into the platform. I also worked with our Engineering team to specify the database and API needs of the front-end so that our application would be efficient, minimizing strain on the servers. 

The application was written in React and utilized the Redux application flow. Code samples available upon request.